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Utilizing barcodes with QuickBooks POS

Utilizing barcodes with QuickBooks POS

Every day, millions of retailers are using barcodes and scanners in order to check out inventories and customers as well. Interestingly, practical barcoding is good for small stores as it tracks stock, speeds up checkout, and confirms and assures pricing accuracy. But the main thing is that barcoding technology is not used by all. Now QuickBooks users can easily utilize barcodes with their QuickBooks POS software and reap as many benefits as they could. If you are using barcodes with your POS software, you will be able to do the following:

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  • Hand out the customers a swift and improved service by rapidly scanning barcodes at the point of sale (POS) in place of typing a SKU.
  • Decrease pricing and inventory errors as scanning barcodes at the POS is highly accurate than typing a SKU. Generally, human data entry error rate is 1 error per 300 characters. But barcode scanners have only 1 error in 36 trillion characters.
  • Improve industrial efficiency and save time by eliminating the issue of price tag by switching and checking out customers faster.
  • Count your inventory at a fast pace at any time. The PDT (portable data terminal) will store your inventory count when it is uploaded into your POS software.
  • Reduce handling and operational costs.
  • Improve the accuracy of inventory by reducing errors at receiving and at the point of sale.

When it comes to using the barcodes and scanners with your POS accounting software, QB users can take help from the QuickBooks support center or any other 3rd party tech support providing company that offers remote tech support via a toll-free phone support number. Following is a 6-step approach that you can use in order to start using barcodes with the help of a POS, a barcode scanner, a barcode printer and merchandise. Barcode POS Support for Quickbooks

  1. Use a barcode printer if all of your products already have UPC codes. If not, buy a “barcode printer” and create your own barcode labels.
  2. Contact your POS – Inventory Software Vendor for printer support. Also buy a barcode scanner and a barcode printer.
  3. Inquire your software vendor about how to setup your POS – Inventory Software and handle your barcode printer and scanner. Make your software ready to print and scan at the point of sale.
  4. Get all of your merchandise barcoded and analyzed into your POS software. Use your POS software to print barcode labels for all merchandise having no UPC code.
  5. Ensure that POS software offers accurate pricing and barcode inventory items effectively.  Quickbooks Enterprise support number
  6. Scan all items at the register and get them entered into the POS system automatically.

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Barcoding technology is known for improving efficiency by 20% to 50% faster and decreasing error rates by almost 4%. In case you find it hard to use these steps, then opt for QuickBooks support from Intuit certified professionals and make a real difference.