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QuickBooks is a small business accounting program that can be used by accounting professionals to provide a huge range of services, but it is also created to accommodate small business owners and operators who have no additional training in accounting. In addition to granting these businessmen and businesswomen to do some of their own bookkeeping, the program can be used smoothly to develop reports and graphs that will assist managers to make more efficient business decisions of QuickBooks Customer support.

Most people associate accounting with taxes and assume that accounting records are used mainly in qualifying the annual tax return. There is no second guessing that tax records are important, but other business activities also depend upon accounting information. QuickBooks and other small business accounting programs can systemize all of the following business processes:

  • Customer invoices must be made and collections from customer must be recorded.
  • Budgets must be prepared.
  • The company’s cash balance must be managed, and bank reconciliations must be prepared
  • Inventory levels must be managed.
  • Financial reports must be printed and distributed to the parties in need of them.
  • Financial data must be analyzed for identifying problem areas that need management’s attention.

Bills from vendors must be prepared and paid.
Payrolls must be processed.

Traditional accounting textbooks teach students to use a manual accounting system which is designed of paper journals and ledgers, and in which debit and credit entries are physically entered into the accounts. This is known as double-entry accounting. Some accounting software programs do organize data entry similar way, and the user enters debit and credit entries into the computer instead of writing them down on paper. They mimic the manual system that is presented in the textbooks. QuickBooks can be used by accountants to make debit and credit entries into the accounting system, but debits and credits are not required when recording many types of business transactions. Instead, a forms-based approach is managed, in which the data entry screen looks just like a business document (a check, bill, bank deposit etc.) instead of an accounting journal. Non- accountants would not be able to record transactions in a journal, but anyone can fill out a check to record a payment or complete an invoice to bill a customer. Therefore, this approach is more “user friendly” for persons with lack of training in accounting, and it also allows the user to see what the final business form will look like when it is printed and delivered to a customer, vendor, or other party.

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