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How to unite duplicate customers in QB Point of Sale?

How to unite duplicate customers in QB Point of Sale?

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is a great tool to transfer all sales, vendor receipts, and employee time automatically from your POS to QB in order to effortlessly track your income, run payroll, and pay bills. QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) helps QB users save their maximum time from being wasted and let them manage all retailing activities, including inventories and customer checking, in a perfect manner.

Seldom, QB users may find that a customer has been entered twice in the customer list. Yes! This situation is likely to happen and result in duplicate entries. For example, if the name of any customer is spelt slightly different than its actual name, it will be considered that the customer isn’t in the list. So, the machine will add the name as a new name with the different spelling. Quickbooks Point of Sale support

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When it comes to merging the customer records, it combines the sales history of the duplicate entries into a single record and deletes others. With the help of Intuit certified tech support professionals for QuickBooks products, QB users can resolve the issue instantly. When you integrate with QuickBooks financial software, you get an option to delete the duplicate record in QB as well. To do so, you have to follow these detailed instructions clearly. Reliable Technical support for Quickbooks

  • Choose one or both of the customer records you wish to merge in your Point of Sale customer list. Simply select I Want To > Merge (Merge Customers in versions older than 10). Then, you will get a Merge Customers window that opens with the preselected customer(s) listed.
  • Review the customers and make necessary changes:
  • To add or change a customer, just use the drop-down lists in order to select or search customers.
  • Make certain that the customer record you want to keep is shown on the left side of the window. You can also overturn positions of the records by choosing the Swap button which is generally located between them.
  • When integrated with QuickBooks financial software, the name(s) displayed in your QuickBooks customer list are shown to assist evaluate you have the right customers selected.
  • Click Merge Customers
  • If the customer being removed has a sales history, a listing of to be updated sales receipts and customers orders will be shown. And the customer shown on these documents will be replaced by the customer you selected to keep.
  • If prompted, mention if you want to delete the duplicate from your QuickBooks financial software.

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If there are any sort of discrepancy even after using these steps, QB users can opt for QuickBooks technical support from a team QB qualified and experienced personnel via a toll-free tech support phone number.