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How To Resolved QuickBooks Installation Errors

How To Resolved QuickBooks Installation Errors

Intuit releases updates to supported versions of QuickBooks quite often, and this is the time when we see a lot of updates. That means it is the best time to talk about fixing QuickBooks installation errors.

I had installed the new releases of both Premier 2019 and Enterprise V14 recently, which put them at the R1 Level.  But what for the R3 release? I hadn’t installed it yet, as I was doing lots of my work with 2019 in a separate “virtual” machine. Now  R4 was out, I wanted to jump directly to that. I downloaded the web patch files from the Intuit support site. Initially, I updated Premier – no problem there. Then I tried to update Enterprise – and ran into errors.

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Cascading Error Messages

What do you do here? What I should have done was to search for 1328 errors in the Intuit support site. That would have saved me a few steps.

What I did do was what I usually do when I run into a problem with QuickBooks. I’m fed up as to what is going to happen, so I started clicking buttons. Retry and Ignore just made the installer throw up more 1328 errors. Abort closed this window and moved on to the next error, a more generic 1603 error:

Clicking OK here made the installer roll back the installation, leaving me where I was before

This is an example of a “cascading error”, which can make you down the wrong path sometimes. I ran into the 1328 error first, that is the “real” error, the first one that happened. That is what I should focus on. However, as often happens, I started clicking buttons, and I got one more error message that might be caused by the earlier failure. That can be misleading. What you want to do is pay attention to the first error, the one that relates to the first, real problem, but you often do is pay attention to the last error you saw, which might not be the real problem.

Now I was stuck, so I went to the QuickBooks support website and searched for 1603. I found lots of support articles for this error number. Based on these, I tried a number of tools that Intuit provides.

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